Your personal budget

iStock 000025305791 MediumSo, how much do you need to make ends meet?

If you do not know, do not despair too much. Research shows you are in the majority.

However, knowing what you spend and/or save each month is actually the most important ingredient in the financial planning process.

The first step towards your future financial prosperity is completing a budget.

Your budget is the place where you keep records of you and your partner's take-home pay, money from bonuses or overtime, income from savings and investments, as well as any benefits or child support payments.

Against this you should list your financial commitments, home and utility bills, education and health costs, transport, shopping, entertainment and eating out.

The FTS Budget Planner can be found by clicking here. Once completed, feel free to contact an FTS Financial Planner to assist you on the road to prosperity.