What is financial planning?

iStock 000019746424 MediumFTS Financial Planning is a boutique style financial planning practice. Our clients enjoy personalised attention by a small hand-selected team. Intricate attention to detail in your tailor made individualised plans, whilst using the services of large fund managers and global research teams. 

At FTS we believe that money is simply a means of enjoying life and we like to hear about your stories of travel, family and just your day-to-day life knowing that in a small way, we helped make it possible by guiding you to have the means to live the best you can live.

That's what makes us different.

Our FTS Financial Planning advisors provide your financial advice in areas to help you:

  • plan your retirement
  • safeguard your future
  • make the most of super
  • thrive in retirement
  • invest for the long-term
  • transfer wealth to the next generation
  • deal with a life changing event such as divorce or redundancy
  • ensure all your life insurance is in order

How about you? Who's taking care of you now? Don't hesitate to call us if you want a better life.

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