Ongoing Services

iStock 000019746424 MediumOnce we implement the plan, we work with you on an ongoing basis to monitor and ensure the plan is working effectively.

Understanding and knowing how to handle your finances can be stressful and time consuming. Having your own dedicated advisory team reduces some of this stress whilst at the same time freeing up your time to partake in more enjoyable tasks.

All FTS advisers are knowledgeable, highly qualified and technically skilled to help you build, protect and transfer wealth over your lifetime. They will take the time to understand what is important to you and develop personal strategies to help you reach your specific aspirations.

We cannot predict the future but through careful planning we will ensure that you are better prepared for what comes your way.

History shows that one’s circumstances will change from time to time. Our ongoing service and flexible strategies, we will be recommending for you, means they can be changed, if necessary, when your circumstances change.

Your advisory team will get to know you and the life you want, while guiding you through the many choices available.

As an FTS client you can feel secure knowing FTS has your best interests at heart. We are here when you need us and we will keep you informed. 

At FTS Financial Planning we offer you a choice of Ongoing Service Packages so that we can provide you with quality ongoing service and advice in an efficient and cost effective manner, that is most suitable for your needs and budget.