FTS (Forward Thinking Strategies) are advice specialists

Take a moment to think about all the changes that might occur through your life— changes to work (enhancement, retrenchment or redundancy), career changes, relationship changes such as marriage or divorce, health issues or the changing needs of your parents or children.

Now think about the financial challenges you will face in your lifetime—investment market fluctuations, interest rates and currency swings, new government legislation and changes to superannuation regulations to name but a few.

FTS offers you personalised financial advice and guidance, tailoring their advice to help turn your dreams into concrete plans, no matter what changes occur in your life or the economic environment.

Recognising that money is simply a means to achieving the things you want out of life, your FTS adviser will spend time listening to what you want out of life and will help explore options and strategies to help you get there.

We will help you put plans into action and, once you are in control, provide ongoing advice and services to help assist you to achieve your long term goals.

Given we rebate commissions on all investment recommendations, you can be rest assured that our advice has no bias or conflict of interest associated with it.

Why FTS?

  • Personalised service from a boutique practice
  • Clients are advised by the owner of the business
  • Conservative by nature
  • Fee based
  • Privately Owned
  • Own AFSL (Licence)